Fcitx problems on KDE Neon

So, what’s the deal with fcitx-frontend-qt6 hanging the KDE Neon desktop as it loads? The little gear spins for ever and ever until I drop to a Terminal and completely remove fcitx, fcitx-mozc and fcitx-frontend-qt6 and reboot!

I have to fall downstairs to my machine running Mint to enter any Japanese text, save it in Google Drive and fall upstairs to this PC to print it!

I just tried Kubuntu 24.04 for a few days and although it worked, it wasn’t Plasma 6! :rofl:

Is it a bug as I suspect?

This is now solved.

fcitx-frontend-qt6 still hangs Plasma after login but fcitx5-frontend-qt6 now works! It also used to hang the desktop on reboot and login but no more!