Feature request for a fee

You don’t need a Matrix account on webchat.kde.org directly, any other Matrix server will be able to interact with the rooms hosted there. https://app.element.io/ will offer to create an account on matrix.org, but feel free to look around for other Matrix servers with open registrations.


It seems there were many changes done to that wiki page recently.

I added back some information about registering: Matrix - KDE Community Wiki

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I really like the idea of offering a bounty to donate to the KDE e.V. instead of an individual person. This very elegantly bypasses the issue of most bounties being too small to attract professional developers. Of course if the bounties were 10x as high, that would also be a solved issue. :slight_smile:

However some people will inevitably be motivated by small bounties of, say, $200 or less. I can imagine a lot of students with more time than money falling into this category.

Maybe what we need is some kind of easy system/forum/venue/etc to connect users willing to pay for work with developers who are willing to consider the possibility, and then when a developer implements the work, they can either ask for the bounty themselves, or opt to have it donated to KDE e.V.


I volunteer to do 472355 – Misaligned header text in most of the configuration windows if you donate some of your total sum to KDE e.V. via Donate and support KDE - KDE Community.


I agree to do this and I thank you.

Would you mean for example, making a donation of $200 to the general KDE community ?



Now to actually fix the bug… The last time I looked into this, I recall giving up because it was unpleasant. Let’s see if I can do better this time.


Thank you both! 

It’s done, I’ve donated 185€ (approx. $205) to K. Desktop Environment e.V. :slight_smile:


Well that’s pretty amazing but I haven’t actually fixed the bug yet! :sweat_smile:

I did some investigation yesterday though, and I’m feeling more confident that I can. I’ll give it some more time once I’m done with work-work today.


Here are two bugzilla reports that describes the two first common problems:


I made an attempt to fix this first one because donations motivate me. When someone else is pledging to donate, this is more of a community thing instead of me sitting alone and only me donating my own time to improve something. I noticed quite soon that even the attempt will take a few hours, so this isn’t really something worth to do if it was just about the money.

In any case I am not sure if I actually succeeded. It is an improvement on my development setup, which features weak hardware in a virtual machine, but I can only guess if it is more or less seamless on a more average end user setup. This needs testing.

The merge request is here: Make image switching more seamless (!213) · Merge requests · Graphics / Gwenview · GitLab

If this ends up working well and being merged, I wouldn’t be quite as generous as Nate, and instead accept a potential donation personally. Either through Paypal (https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=WTHAYDL59U9FL) or Liberapay (https://liberapay.com/felixernst/donate).

Dolphin: Make the middle mouse click on a folder, open it in a new window by default instead of a new tab. Also, in the context menu, I would like to have this option on top.

Right, currently Dolphin favours tabs over new windows and there has been some user feedback of users who prefer new windows over tabs. I have wondered for a while now if we need a setting that sort of helps users ignore the tab functionality of Dolphin, which in practice would mean that new windows are opened by middle-click. I guess pushing the new window context action to the top would also make sense in that regard.

The biggest question to me is how many users there are that prefer new windows over tabs. This is IMO what we need to figure out to decide if it is worth it to have such a setting or not.


I’ve seen it, thank you very much for your interest for this request. :slight_smile:
I’ll patch it locally, compile it and try tomorrow on my machine to see the result.

Of course, I’m still ready to remunerate people who work on these issues.

Interesting question; I kinda understand the way Dolphin was headed, since tabs are more popular than new windows (at least that’s what I believe even though I’m not one of them)…

Then it’s either adding a way to toggle the middle click behaviour, or else if you think it won’t excite anyone, then just provide a patch to apply locally for those who wish…

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Hello, I tried building Gwenview from your fork, with your commit, and it doesn’t appear to be working yet…

Yes, that is totally possible. I already mentioned above that I am not that confident in this solution. However, you will have to be a bit more specific. Do you notice no difference at all?

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No, no difference at all…

I couldn’t care less about tabs. I’ll take a new window every time.

If I understand the “…” correctly, that must have been disheartening. Sorry about that. After yours and Nate’s feedback I re-thought my approach and – good news! – I found a different way. Nate has already confirmed that it fixes the bug you reported.

For a less disheartening experience feel free to test it once more if you want to. I am definitely more confident that it works independent of the used hardware this time around.


Thank you very much to both of you ! :slight_smile:

“Disheartening” is a bit much, but indeed I do really appreciate the work you put into my requests.
I will compile it and try it tomorrow, and I’ll return to confirm if it’s working.


Confirmed, I just compiled and it is working for me ! :slight_smile:


Great! We decided to merge it into the upcoming 23.08 release already so everyone will have this very soon. I hope it doesn’t lead to any problems for anyone. :crossed_fingers: