[Feature Request] More places to hold Plasmoids

The problem: Plasmoids are cool, but they are only available on Panels or in the Desktop.

Those are what I’d vaguely define as semi-permanent places: The Desktop is always visible if you have no full-size window, and panels are either always visible, or only visible when the user puts the cursor close to it.

We are lacking places that are “explicitly” called by the user, or rather, places where the user can throw stuff there that is out of the way.

Like, imagine a kickoff that is functionally just a panel, you either click on a button that opens it, or you use a keyboard shortcut. It opens close to the button, and it can hold Plasmoids that are useful, but not always. A hidden panel is similar to this idea, but it really isn’t the same thing due to positioning, a lack of button to call it, and the fact that a cursor isn’t explicit enough, which is different from Kickoff as it requires an explicit action to call it, and another to close it.

Actually, let’s get really weird: why couldn’t Kickoff itself have an optional side area to hold plasmoids? I can imagine putting some system monitor plasmoid there.

Or why not put plasmoids in the overview? Again, imagine putting a system monitor plasmoid there, maybe a clock, or a plasmoid that directly shows the last few notifications. Heck, why not create a panel that exists exclusively in the overview? Gnome has a dock thing there, we could substantially expand it.

tl;dr: Plasmoids are cool, there’s no place to dump them.

i would like a plasmoid that sticks to the screen regardless of whatever else is going on, be it a full screen app, gaming, or watching video.

care would need to be taken so that such a thing doesn’t burn into the screen of the display, but these are details.

Oh, that is a nice idea, I can see it being useful as some sort of MangoHud type of thing. Kickoff has a pin button that behaves sorta like that.

You can sorta do that with a panel that lets windows go behind it, but then it is always on top, with no easy option of hiding it, and it doesn’t work on full-screen.

aye, thar be the rub.