[Feature Request] Split floating panel that merges into a single one

The general idea is that a single panel is split into multiples ones when it becomes floating. For instance, the default KDE panel would split into two areas when no window is touching it:

Left Panel: Kickoff and Task Manager
Right Panel: Notification and Status, and the clock

If the user is using a Windows 11 layout, then the panel would be split into three parts, one in the middle.

Once a window touch the panel, it merges into a single one, like it currently is.

I believe there would be a spliter plasmoid to control how the split happens. Most of the time it would probably work like a spacer widget, but it might be nice to allow further control for the user. For instance, while the Notification and Clock would be all both left aligned, it would be cool if we could split the two, each on its own small panel, but again, all left aligned with just a small space between them

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