Feature requests: Digital Clock visual improvements

The automatic text display of the Digital Clock on the panel doesn’t look great. The issue lies in the limited space above and below the clock widget. By default, there’s minimal spacing, which can make the text distracting or cause it to appear disproportionately large compared to other widgets on the panel, not achieving balance. I attempted to manually adjust the spacing and set the font size to 11 to achieve a better look. It looked good but it worked temporarily. When I increased the screen resolution, the text became too small. This required me to make another adjustment in the configuration, which I found to be kind of a little annoying.

I think enhancing the Digital Clock widget on the panel could address these concerns. Here are my suggested features to fix it and other suggestions to improve the overall design:

  • Customizable spacing between the the panel’s top/bottom space
  • Customizable spacing between the time and date text space
  • Customizable text and will not shrink if changed to a different screen resolution
  • Customizable text size for both time and date
  • Customizable alignment options: Left, Center, Right

I’m sorry if this might be a substantial request, but these improvements could significantly enhance the desktop environment’s customization options. Thanks!

Thank you for the proposal, the spacing between time and date text is main reason for me, not to use this widget.I fully support your thoughts but wold like to add two wishes:

  • Allow font selection for the text.
  • Allow color selection for the text.


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Happy to see I’m not the only one.
The font sizes are all over the place, padding in calendar inconsistent. The digital clock having two different font size is really weird, upon changing it there is no spacing. Text is (in my opinion) is a bit too big both for the clock and the calendar.