Feedback : Theming

[Split from discussion about Plasma’s new cursor design]

From an a11y point of view, the worst thing that ever happened to UI/UI design was the choice to move to flat, depthless, colourless, “iconic” design. I will keep repeating this until I die, - the human eye responds to depth, colour, texture, - without that, cognition, and recognition, is impaired.

From the perspective of a visually impaired user, by the far the most frustrating thing is having to deal with “design fads” that don’t take into account basic principles of UX/UI design, whether it’s Fitts Law, or the above, - while the time and effort that people put in for free can’t be underestimated, without a professional understanding of the core tenets of design and architecting a usable interface, I will keep regressing back to themes that were designed over a decade ago, because they are visually functional.

I hope someone somewhere actually gets this point, because it’s been lost on the VDG.

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