File transfer Quality of Life improvements

I’d like to see these quality of life improvements to file transfers in plasma, the first one especially

  • A small but very sorely needed improvement: have an option in the settings somewhere to prevent the computer from going to sleep if there’s a file transfer going. Many times I start a transfer that can take a couple of hours and leave the PC, only to come back hours later and realize that the transfer never finished because the PC went to sleep after 15 minutes as per setting. Very frustrating, and I feel like this is an easy fix to implement

  • If multiple transfers are running, it would be great if it could intelligently know what transfers to queue, and what transfers to run in parallel. e.g., if I have 2 transfers a transfer to disk A to disk B and a 3rd transfer from disk c to disk d, then the first 2 should be queued, and the 3rd one should run in parallel, to avoid disk thrashing and increase throughput. This is a tall order though… I know some special windows utils like teracopy can do it, but it’s really uncommon to see in OS’s