Filepicker - elevate permissions

I don’t see any talks of adding an option to save files via KDE filepicker to locations that require elevated permissions. Right now you need to either use command-line or run the whole GUI app with elevated permissions, but that’s a bad idea, especially as superuser. I thought polkit can be used to bring up dialogs to temporary elevate permissions in GUI apps for things like this. Is there a technical reason why it isn’t implemented?

Kate actually does just that - when you try to save to a location you don’t have permissions to - it pulls up a polkit dialog and you can grant it permissions for just this write (which can be pretty annoying when you keep editing and saving the same file, but it’s at least something).

There have been talks…and talks…and talks about this. It’s not there yet. The “closest”, besides kate, is the kde-servicemenu-rootactions. Hardly what Kate does but…
I have it by default on mx but here’s some English language picture.

What is the reason for so many talks about it and Kate being the only application that supports it? For example I might want to use Arc to extract an archive straight to /opt. It’s mainly a convenience thing, but I wasted too much time looking for it, not being sure if I missed anything. I know you can extract at the location of the archive and then move it - but it’s one more step and one more window open.