Fonts too small in some apps

Hello there,

Distro: Arch Linux
KDE Plasma: 6.0.5
KDE Frameworks: 6.2.0
Qt: 6.7.1
Kernel: 6.9.3-zen-1-zen

The issue is that although font rendering in Plasma as a whole is perfect, in some apps they’re just too small. Some examples I noticed are: Musibrainz Picard and KeepassXC.

If I change the font size using Plasma system settings it will work for Plasma, but not for the aforementioned apps. I also noticed that if I increase the display scalling to more than 100% the fonts of these apps get a little bigger (but so do all items in the display, and that’s not what I want).

It didn’t happen in my older installation and only begun to happen when I reinstalled everything from scratch, a couple of weeks ago.