Forcing upstream for core package in KDE Neon (pipewire)

The 32-bit removals being proposed adds to the confusion, but might also point to a reason - a dependency of a dependency, plus a few layers, has a 32-bit that isn’t provided. Which prevents the 64 bit from being installed, since both archs need to be at the same version. I sure don’t have any of those packages installed, but I also don’t use a system-installed Wine, which avoids this sort of thing. Steam, or Flatpaks for Lutris, Bottles and/or plain Wine.

Ok. If you are willing, you can try forcing the new pipewire-bin package to overwrite the manpage file. This would be essentially harmless, as you would want the more updated manual to begin with. Having the updated pipewire-bin package installed might clear out the logjam.

So: sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/pipewire-bin_1.0.0-1~ubuntu22.04_amd64.deb

But really, you might test on a more recent install or virtual machine, or one without Wine. I suspect this may be the ultimate hangup here. Forcing the package may work, but it may also just reveal more things to be fixed, until we get to the bottom of the dependency tree and potentially the offending 32-bit low level dependency.