FoxAlpha videos

Hello everyone I made a video with the help of kdenlive

even several, just have a look there:

youtube link not accept
Trailer - Japanese weather presenter

youtube link not accept
Japanese weather presenter

and I usually use these programs:

ffmpeg: (audio/video stream processing, compression video encoding)
inkscape: (vector drawing)
audacity: (audio Editor)
blender: (3D)
kdenlive: (video editing/effects)
linux-mint: (gnu-linux operating system)

a few are missing…
Gimp, Synfig Studio(2D animation), Papagayo-ng, Simple Screen Recorder, Lame,

What do you need help with?

The tag Help is for issues with Kdenlive people need help with, not for indicating you did something with the help of Kdenlive …

Sorry, this is my 1st post I hadn’t seen,

I changed the category to “general”, leaving my “kdenlive tag”.

Thank you.

How many posts can I add links to?