Fuzzy type on Wayland?

Hi KDE community! Happy holidays.

I’m loving my KDE Plasma desktop (5.27.10-0xneon+22.05+jammy+ release+build47) on the lovely TuxedoOS 2, fully up to date on a Tuxedo Infinity Pro. Currently using X11.

However, I wanted to gain the benefits of Wayland, so I switched my session. No problem… except suddenly all my type displays at 5pt!

My default type is San Francisco at 10 or 12 pt.

I went through the Settings to my dpi & scaling options. All good. Try scaling at 120%. Apply!

And suddenly all my type appears wavy(?!?!) & strangely faded.

Whoa! Searching Reddit & Google turned up several possible fixes that alas didn’t work. ಠ╭╮ಠ

So I turn to the community here… any known working fixes? Any hints, tips, tricks, insights or URLs while I await the release of TuxedoOS 3, which will be based around Wayland?

Very grateful for your help. Thanks!

Do you have a screenshot (or maybe a photo?) that shows what’s going on?

Have you rebooted after changing the scale factor?

Could this be bug #446674 - fixed in Plasma 6.0 ?

Most likely one or the other.