Gamepad does not prevent sleep / lock on KDE Plasma

I’ve been experimenting some with gaming on my laptop, which has Fedora running with Plasma as the DE. I’ve noticed a slight issue, which is that gamepad inputs are not keeping my computer awake or resetting the 5 min lock timer. My current workaround is simply disabling the automatic lock and the auto sleep when plugged in, which is alright but really isn’t ideal (especially since this means if I leave my computer unattended while plugged in, it will stay logged in and fully powered forever) Ideally input from my gamepad should be treated the same as mouse and keyboard input in that it keeps the computer from falling asleep automatically, but this is not the case. Is there any way to change this?

Sounds like 328987 – Power saving should not trigger if joystick is in use.

looks like it - couldn’t find that report as I was looking for “gamepad” not “joystick” but it’s definitely the same bug. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, is a real pain for those of us trying to game on plasma

Just out of curiosity, what platform are you using to game? Almost all of my gaming is through Steam, which inhibits sleep when it’s active and a game is running - it’s been a bit tricky when I’ve been in a full-screen game and have Alt-Tabbed out, but it mostly functions well enough (and the screen dimming gives me a warning if it’s not working as expected, and I can throw on the manual sleep block setting from Battery and Brightness for good measure)

Also through steam, but not directly - when I had this issue I was actually using steam remote play to stream games to my laptop. Maybe steam doesn’t inhibit screensaver for streamed games?