Global scale setting only scales partially

Problem: when I change the UI “global scale” I would expect that it would change all of the text, but it only scales some of it.


  1. Brand-new install of Plasma 5.27.10 from download done yesterday (KDE Frameworks 5.113.0, Qt 5.15.11, Kernel 6.2.0-39-generic (64 bit), X11). I’m not including the baseline screenshot at 100% setting because as a new user of this forum, I’m limited to just one image.

  2. Go to System Settings > Hardware > Display and Monitor, and change the “Global scale” slider to 150%. See the screenshot for effects (Firefox updates on the fly, Konsole requires closing and reopening it)

    As can be seen in the screenshot, the content of the Konsole window did scale, but the window title did not. The desktop context menu also didn’t scale.

Did I miss something? Is this as good as it’s going to get, or is there a fix? Anybody know whether this will work on Plasma 6 with Wayland? Thanks in advance.

I want to report that the problem went away after some fiddling. After a reboot, I went to Quick Settings > Appearance then chose Breeze Dark, and now the settings were picked up by the title bar and the context menu.


I’m pretty sure this is intentional, and the display settings should warn you that a restart is required for it to take effect :slight_smile:

Even on Plasma 5 Wayland, the scaling takes effect immediately

Appreciate the response. I’ll do some more testing and report back. Thanks again.