Google login via Settings Manager stalling

Not sure how to appropriately tag this. This issue was posted on the Facebook Kubuntu group by another person, which I can replicate and and have verified also occurs on Neon. It seems that trying to use the Online Accounts feature in the Settings Manager just seems to stall after entering your email address. Settings Manager then kicks out this error:

“There was an error while trying to process the request: Access grant not present”.

Is anybody else experiencing this problem, and if so, is there a solution? Has Google changed its API again? Might Apparmor be interfering?

It’s a packaging issue that the Kubuntu (and/or Neon) people need to fix by shipping newer versions of the software libraries that this tool relies on. See 420280 – Can't add Google account: authentication process gets stuck.

Thank you. I will pass this onto the Kubuntu group.