Got my first "uh oh, time to restart desktop" moment with Plasma 6, FD limits

I’m running arch rolling, x11 session, nvidia, and upgraded a few weeks ago with plasma, and aside from my laptop heatsink assembly dying, it’s been pretty solid, but I hit my first weirdness, and something new-ish/again for me. Wondering if anyone else sees this.

KDE and various apps started weirding out, most notably firefox watching something on youtube would freeze. I’ve had other issues with pipewire, so thought it was that, but something new since moving to plasma6 - I was running out of file descriptors which I haven’t seen in a while.

Now I ran into this a good while back 5.x days years ago, but I’ve not seen it for a while until moving to plasma6. I tend to be hard on my system, but it’s loaded for bear with 128gb ram I use, and long ago set my file-max very high (2M), though I’m still getting FD errors to the point pipewire can’t work for lack of FD’s, which freaks out firefox/youtube, and at that point everything starts breaking.

Now looking at who’s hogging FD’s and analyzing lsof counts, at peak plasma was using 146k (vs 33k fresh), but in contrast firefox was using among all process like almost 900k FD (another story), but afterward killing all the things, and getting more to a tolerable level, still errored until I did a full sddm logout and in.

I run my systems hard, usually messing with multiple vm’s, 3-5 full firefox profiles, 10 windows with 50 windows each, but this FD limit is something I can’t really figure out upward of 1.2M. It’s a bit fascinating to me, but since I’ve relaxed things like file-max limits to 2M, and increased ulimit -Hn beyond, but still programs start dying with FD limits.

I’ve not had to mess with this in years, just the upgrade somehow triggered this.

Anyone seen something like this?

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