Guys, is this bug also happening with you?

So, for some unknown reason, in the last weeks my plasmashell is ALWAYS crashing when i lock my screen. It wasn’t like this before, and i don’t really know at which point this started happening.
I’m using the latest version of KDE in an arch installation, btw.

Did you send the automatic bug report?

This is probably a bug, likely with some library integration, and needs to be fixed but no one will know what to fix if you don’t send the report.

Can you provide more information about your system - maybe by running kinfo and posting the result?

I’m trying to download debug symbols so i can make a better report.
Here’s kinfo:

You can also try to run journalctl --user -f plasma-plasmashell.service -S -1min` immediately after the crash and see if you get interesting errors in the logs.