Has anyone run Plasma on CBL Mariner, Microsoft's Linux distro?

I saw Grahpical desktop ? · Issue #1662 · microsoft/CBL-Mariner · GitHub about half a year ago, and it was closed today, but its conclusion doesn’t satisfy me. I’m sure it’s hypothetically possible and feasible by compiling it, but has anyone done so yet?

I realize this post is a little more silly than most on this forum are, but I’d really like to know that someone got Plasma working on a Microsoft OS, because it’s been mostly impossible since KDE 4.

I’m mostly checking to ensure I don’t go on a wild goose chase trying to get something to work on an OS which might be too specialized for this. However,

I also ask partially because I would like to eventually make a video on this topic at some point, and being able to use Mariner in WSL with KDE Plasma would help any title be less clickbaity.