Help banner directing to Bugzilla

When you create a new post in the help category, there could be a notice that you should file bugs at and not here

It’s a tough balance to make. On one hand we want concrete and useful bugreports to go to, but vague help requests should go here. Not sure how to best communicate that


I don’t really see a way to inject a banner anyway, so I guess we can’t do it.


On discourse forum, in some categories, when creating a new topic, topic content is pre-filled

This could be something you can use to inform user that is creating a new help topic that:

  • If it’s a precise bug report, should go directly to
  • Otherwise can ask for help here if not sure about being a bug or not (or how to fill a bug, because i already many user for krita not able to create a bug with useful content)


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You can make any post as a banner topic which will be shown at the top on the homepage. but I would suggest keeping the banner topics for posts like announcements, updates and releases.

For general guidance of help category as @Grum999 suggested you can add placeholder text for the text editor for specific category.

FYI I have updated the community wiki with information about making a bug report vs. asking for help with KDE Discuss:

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No “Site feedback” is for literal feedback about this forum and not bug and help request for kde software.

For asking for help, the help category should be used.


Precise and concrete bug reports should be reported to Bugzilla at

Basic or vague help requests for KDE apps should be posted at the forum’s Help category. If you are not sure whether an issue is a bug or not, please post to the Help category.

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