Help in setting up G-drive, getting a sigfault

Hello, I’m trying to access my google drive from within Dolphin, like I do on Nautilus, but all I get is a segfault.
I can try to perform the same action from SystemSettings to no avail.
I’m not a debugging expert, but using gdb with SystemSettings tells that the problem resides into
My system is a Debian Unstable.
This error is not widely reported, maybe there is something wrong in my settings/account.

It’s been broken for me for ages, probably since Plasma 5.27.x… I’ve basically given up waiting for it to be fixed.

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Same here. It has been worked on recently but I haven’t actually given it a try. I usually use Insync instead - it’s a commercial Google File Sync replacement that works very well on Linux.

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Thank for the alternative, I’m going to evaluate it.