Help with External l Hard Drive Not Showing

So I started Fedora KDE because I got tired of ubuntu based distros, and I have a external 1tb hdd I know its old lol, I noticed when I got to Removable Devices it shows nothing but I have it mounted and using the hard drive, any help will be awesome.

When you say “shows nothing” - what do you mean? Is dolphin opening the drive but you see no files, or do you not see the drive?

If Dolphin does open, what does the path show (press CTRL+L)?

Can you share a screenshot?

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from Disks & Devices in the system tray you can choose Configure and set your external drive to mount on attach or login (or both).

i would avoid doing anything in fstab until you have tried this first.

If it is mounted at boot with fstab or systemd, it wont show up there (I think).
You can do what above suggests, but be aware that it won’t be available until you have logged in if you do.