Hiring an intermediate/pro kdenlive editor and a question about process

Greetings kde/kdenlive community.

I’ve been using kdenlive for a good while and I love the software, not just because it’s open source: I find it really good.
I’ve used it to build up a niche (like really niche) information tech g00tube channel, mostly just talking head, often with a computer involved, sometimes electronics hardware demos as well.

One thing holding me back from putting more stuff out there is editing–I think I manage decently, but frankly I’m not that great at it and doing it keeps me from generating more content.

I started looking around for someone to help out–then realized: I’m an open source guy, and I like to support projects and the community around them, so why not try here first? Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this (please let me know where to ask if there is a better spot).

So, short version is I have my style, which I’d like to preserve or improve, and I’d like to find someone to work with mid- to long-term, who doesn’t need to grok all the techy bits (though that would be cool) but would need to stitch things together in a snappy and coherent way.

The way I’ve been doing things is usually a single cam with audio, a distinct soundtrack decently mic’ed up, and often a screen cap with coding/demo.

My two questions are:

  • anyone here interested in this or any pointers on where to seek out qualified editors (other than blasted upwork and ideally using kdenlive)? and
  • are there any standard/best practice/recommended ways to provide meta information to video editors?
    For that second part, I mean I’ll often have a good deal of b-roll that needs associating with specific parts of the video, have overlay or section text to display, etc. What would be the most concise/effective way of packaging this up for an editor? I can only imagine this wheel has been invented before, are there any standards established for this type of information interchange?

For the interested, or simply curious, my channel is PsychogenicTechnologies on youtube (sorry, not allowed to include links).

Don’t hesitate to hit me up, here or in a DM, with any questions.