Homogenouse appearence QT & Gtk apps in plasma

i have made already similar post in the past years and i don’t use another DE as plasma.

i used Arch-Linux & derivates for a couple of years now (Arch-Linux, Artix-Linux, Manjaro, Garuda-Linux, Alci-Linux, etc.)

Now i have installed again a Debian with KDE and after so many years still cannot simply switch to ‘breeze-dark’.

Installing ‘dbus-x11’ let me start ‘systemsettings’ as root to choose ‘breeze-dark’ in order to switch the root-apps like ‘synaptic’ don’t help, even ‘qt5ct’ don’t help.

synaptic, gparted and all Gtk-apps but even ‘krusader’ as root are ugly and to bright.

Now we should reflect if all this is productive or contra-productive for plasma general and how to solve this issue that e.g. in kubuntu 14.04 was not present. Fact is, Arch & derivates make they own Themes in Gtk and works with all apps, no matter which kind.

The singular arch-based-distros making own theme let switch to breeze-dark and works, the ‘*.deb’-based distros don’t works even after almost 10 years.

You want not allow to start apps in Admin-mode.
Arch-Distros let change the themes in normal ‘systemsettings’ and works for all apps.
The breeze-theme is hard-coded, another word for proprietary!?
Don’t you want perhaps the user switch to original breeze dark theme?

i’m a very patient man but, don’t you think that 10 years are enough?

Please solve this problem ASAP together with the ‘ISO-8601’ collating in the systemsettings as was before. Thanks for your attention & enjoy your work.

That’s correct, running applications as root is unsupported.


If I want to do things as root, I open Konsole,

# Become superuser
sudo su
# Orthodox file manager
# Editor. I install the package emacs-nox so I can just do:
# Otherwise I would probably need to do:
emacs -nw

Than make systemsettings = change Theme only for this ‘user’ or "another user’ or ‘system-wide’ or for user ‘xyz + admin’, naturally “system-wide” need admin-password and also naturally, each other user can only make change for himself.

In this manner, i can install a system and modify it e.g. for a disabled person.

Other feature-requests are:

  • Allow some user to can make only update/upgrade or other tasks= a graphical permission assignment or refusal for certain tasks to individual user-s.
  • Add a feature that permit to use the system/monitor without glasses.
  • Add a app that measure the sound in decibel.
  • The desktop-environment must be ISO-8601 only office-apps still use other locales.
  • Implement last version of EUR-KEY keyboard, whole Europe need it.
  • Add grouped software for e.g. blind, deaf. A click on the handicap and everything is installed automatically.
  • Add the possibility to add additional languages system-wide and application-wide, today we have to search for every app and language each individual packages, additional language even for the standard KDE-app cannot be installed anymore.

And many other feature/apps if you ask me.

Note: the basic system is used only in the server sector and even there can use your DE because reduce work/typing.

Don’t reduce feature like someone do in Redmond, increase the number & quality of your feature/apps.

Besides “midnight-commander” i don’t know the other things, for what i should use them and why are not installed by default in case each user with admin-rights needed them.

Sorry, don’t understand me wrong but in this manner we don’t make the DE better but worse.

Besides, every-time i criticize something, every-body tell me to look somewhere else. Please don’t take this as personal criticism to you because we all are used to find and solve each problem.

i solved e.g. the problem with homogeneous appearance (HA) with similar solution-method like you propose and help from good people like you but, that isn’t the point.

The point is: With KDE-4 was difficult for me as beginner to find the solution, with KDE-5 make the solution almost impossible (much more typing work and studies of many posts and wikis) and now come KDE-6 in the time where Doze is dying.

Basically are there some root-questions:

  • Why is not any good Qt global theme.
  • Why the o.o.t.b. themes cannot modified, e.g. the thickness of scroll-bars.
  • Why are the appearance different or totally bright and without icons in admin-mode.
  • Why after almost 10 years is not yet provided a solution.
  • Why KDE don’t become more user-friendly.
  • Why Garuda-Linux have a “system-assistant” and KDE not.
  • Why Artix-Linux have the “ISO-8601” and KDE not.
  • And so on and so on.

Thanks anyway for your answer, i appreciate really, greetings.