How all this icon stuff is going to work in Plasma 6

Today I want to discuss in detail our plans for icon theming in Plasma 6. It will be rather technical, but may be of interest if you’re a user, developer, or theme author who wants to know what (if anything) you’ll have to do differently for Plasma 6.

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What’s the story on only monochrome icons with Plasma 6 in the systray on matter the height of the panel or the size of the systray icons? I hope I misunderstood that cause I’m not going to a windows flat white look for anything.

The story is explained in the blog post. Was anything unclear? Maybe I need to rewrite part of it if it wasn’t clear enough.

All you had to do was say yes or no if I did or didn’t get it right.

I didn’t understand your question, sorry.

I can’t understand it either even with a translator :thinking:

First if you couldn’t figure out that I meant no instead of on? Second as I clearly stated most do not want all white icons in the systray. It’s nice to have a splash of color on some of the systray icons.

In Plasma 6, Panel widgets and System Tray icons will be monochrome at all panel sizes–assuming they have monochrome versions.


Please, be polite when talking and don’t use passive aggressive language.


mika there was and is nothing wrong with my “language”. That said ngraham so what you are basically saying if certain apps want there widget or tray icons colored then they shouldn’t provide a monchrome version?