How can I edit the X background menu?

I want to make a few changes to the menu you open by right-clicking on the background (sorry about the quality of the picture - for some reason it isn’t possible to take a screenshot, so I used my mobile):

I haven’t been able to find a way, possibly because I search for the wrong thing (I’m not sure what this menu is called, but I have a good idea about what it isn’t called)

So, where can I make changes to this menu - and how can I add a menu item for shutting down?

Configure Desktop and wallpaper > Mouse actions page > click on the Configure button on the row for “Right-Button” and add or remove items there according to your preferences.

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As @ngraham mentioned, also to take a screenshot of actions like this set a timer on spectacle (i’m guessing this is what you are using) and just wait the alloctated time it is how I capture screenshots of splashcreens and other animations

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