How can I turn off desktop effects for taskswitcher

Does anyone know how to disable desktop effects for the task-switcher? Although I like it for regular windows, I don’t see it making any sense for the task-switcher which I want to just pop up and not be delayed by any eye candy

I don’t think the task switcher animation is a desktop effect - I think its a feature of the task switcher itself. Not that there’s a way to turn off desktop effects for a specific window anyway - one might expect to find that feature as a kwin rule option, but there isn’t one like that.

I guess it is possible to create a new task switcher that does not animate - I’ve installed a couple of custom task switchers from the “Get Hot New” shop, and I think they don’t animate?

I tried to create a kwin rule to exclude the switcher from the desktop effects, but couldn’t figure out how to get that to work. Hopping someone has some pointers on how to make that happen