How do change the position of a video track?

The UI doesn’t seem to allow this in an intuitive way, and I haven’t been able to find the answer to this on Google.

I have two video tracks. I want to change their positions in relation to each other. How do I do this?

To rephrase it: One video track is on top of the other in the timeline. I want to reverse their positions.

I thought that if I found the right UI element and dragged on track then I’d get the result that I want. But I haven’t been able to find a “handle” for dragging.

Hello BobDobbs,
I’m afraid that’s not (yet) possible, unfortunately.
But it would be a useful function, especially if you have a lot of tracks and want to create a better order.

Since what you want to do is not possible, I would guess you would need to add a track three, copy and paste everything from track one to track three. Then delete track one.

A feature request has been filed already (bug report #472885). I encourage you to add a comment there reiterating the need for this option.

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Yes, that is the procedure I am currently using. I don’t like going to this effort, but if I have to, this procedure is better than nothing.