How do i connect nintendo switch to my monitor?

Sorry if this is more of a dumb post, I felt like this place would be the correct place to ask this.
I have my nintendo switch on dock mode, every cable needed is connected, but even with that i cant my computers monitor. What exactly am i supposed to do?
and if its possible, is it possible to connect back to the main monitor after unplugging it?
I am running KDE Plasma on Fedora.

Did you somehow put Fedora KDE on your Switch? If not, how is the device running Plasma involved here?

i may have made the post a little unclear
i am using a stock switch, nothing modified and all im trying to do is to connect it to the monitor. you can connect it to the tv by plugging in an hdmi cable to the tv and the “dock”, which you put the switch in. i basically did the exact same, except i plugged it to the computer.

So how is any KDE software involved here? I am a bit confused.

Sorry @nikon777 it is not clear what you are trying to do and if KDE is in anyway related to this.

Are you trying:

  • connect your switch to your Monitor?
  • to use a capture card to stream to your PC?
  • transfer files on your switch to your PC ?
  • something else?

Either way, this is likely better asked elsewhere. But if you can tell us what you actually want to do we can point you in the right direction.

My computer (which is a laptop) runs KDE Plasma, and when i connected the switch, to the laptop, i couldnt get any thing from the switch. there was this monitor thing u get by pressing F10(on the laptop ofcourse), None of the options worked, im sorry if im not being clear enough, but i dont think i can explain any more detailed than this because i dont know how to.

i am trying to connect it to the laptop monitor.
check my other reply, please

I fear we cannot help you there.

The HDMI port on your laptop is most likely only an output like on most laptops and not an input.

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If you are curious about an example of what OP seems to be going for here - it’s an incredibly uncommon feature, I assume based on the limited market and additional wiring complexity required to support it:

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Thank you for the clarification and an honest answer