How to bookmark a thread in Discuss Forum

Sometimes I find here in Discuss forum interesting threads, but I have no time for going deep with them. So I’d like to bookmark them, so I could find them quickly, when I have more time for.
It is here possible to bookmark threads? How?

Just use your browser’s “bookmark this page” functionality. Should work just fine.

there is a little bookmark button at the bottom of this page

when i click on my profile icon, and choose the bookmarks filter, it shows me my current bookmarks

you can also change the notification to “Watching” which will send you an alert whenever there is any activity in the thread.

I obviously know that and I use this browser tool to bookmark threads, which contains solutions for problems I have or I could get. But it is not practical for me in the case I described in opening post.

Thanks for the tip! It is, what I searched for. And i couldn’t find it because hidden under (show more) as shown in this screenshot.