How to change org.kde.plasma.mediacontroller inactive state icon

I am trying to change this this icon. Already searched the files under /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.mediacontroller . I have open the files in kwrite and looked for the string icon . Then I search the icon under /usr/share/icons/breeze-dark for those icon name. But I couldn’t found an icon that look the that on the picture.
My reason for doing it is because the default icon inactive state doesn’t strike to me as a button to control media.
Thats all. Thanks in advance.

In the file /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.mediacontroller/contents/ui/main.qml, find this block of code:

        State {
            name: "paused"
            when: !root.noPlayer && mpris2Source.currentData.PlaybackStatus === "Paused"

            PropertyChanges {
                target: Plasmoid.self
                icon: "media-playback-paused"
                toolTipMainText: track
                toolTipSubText: artist ? i18nc("@info:tooltip %1 is a musical artist and %2 is an app name", "by %1 (paused, %2)\nMiddle-click to play\nScroll to adjust volume", artist, identity) : i18nc("@info:tooltip %1 is an app name", "Paused (%1)\nMiddle-click to play\nScroll to adjust volume", identity)

Change icon: "media-playback-paused" to say whatever icon you want.

One complication is that this widget will currently prefer icons from the active Plasma theme over icons in the current icon theme. So if you find an icon you like in the icon theme (using the Cuttlefish icon browser app, perhaps) and specify it there, it may not appear as expected if that icon has a version that looks different in the Plasma theme.

Another complication is that any changes made to this file will be overwritten by system upgrades.

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