How to completely remove global themes

This is absurd logic. The vast majority of people never point out errors – they move on and forget about it. They go back to Windows and continue getting abused by Microsoft instead of developers who insist that the fact that they do it without a for-profit motive means that nobody can ever point out any flaw or ask about any problem.

This also makes no sense. Even when I ask very well written/explained questions (for all kinds of things, not just limited to KDE), the vast majority of those never receive any meaningful response at all, and the problem persists many years later. Why do you assume that “Google results” (please don’t use that evil company’s spyware) would be full of answers just because more people asked about them? (Which they don’t, because that’s not how the majority of people/users work.)

If a software cripples me and there is nothing better to switch to, I consider that a catastrophe, yes.

If I actually had the time, energy, financial freedom and skills to make my own desktop environment for Linux, which is a beyond-absurd assumption, do you honestly think I would spend one minute here or trying to use KDE Plasma? I would already have done so, long ago. Or better yet: made my own custom OS from scratch. And hardware. But this is not reality.

What could possiby make you believe that somebody is paying me money? And there are no “intricate sequences of scripts and programs”. What’s with people here making up nonsense? Are you suggesting that you are catering solely to the most basic zombie computer users who never want to do anything besides installing KDE’s own brand of Linux distro and click on a browser icon and that’s the outer limit of their computer world? Isn’t Linux supposed to be for the non-zombies, who actually want to be able to use their computer and not be crippled and harassed constantly by their OS/environment?

What does this mean? Switching from Debian and installing KDE’s custom Linux distro? Not going to happen. I’ve invested so much time and energy first carefully picking the only sensible (relatively) distro of Linux, and then figuring out all the countless quirks about it. Suggesting that I throw all that away to use KDE’s own one just to be able to properly use KDE Plasma goes completely against the whole philosophy of open source. Why would you even make such a suggestion? Is KDE Plasma not a Linux desktop environment but rather something that exclusively runs on your own, custom distro?

Also, as I have said before, there’s realistically only three real/“major” DEs for Linux: XFCE, KDE Plasma and Gnome. The first I have already unambiguously determined to be unfit for any nontrivial use, and the people controlling the Gnome project are infamously stubborn and arrogant according to many different people, making me not even want to really try it. Various forks, such as “MATE”, are bound to never be reliable enough to depend on in the long run. Since Windows is no longer an option, this means that I’m in reality stuck with KDE Plasma as the only choice. Please stop pretending as if there’s “tons of options” and that I can just “pick something else”. And this is ignoring the whole issue of not having the energy to go through all this again with yet another set of software.

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It’s already reported, see 438582 – Removing global theme fails to erase all related files


Wow! Is there anyone here that you will not attack? You have serious issues.

@medin helpfully provided an actual answer to the question, so I think it’s time to close this thread before it overheats completely!