How to create issue escalation for Dolphin file manager?

In my day-to-day job I am used to report issues for proprietary software and when for some time no-one responds I can create an issue escalation. Then in few hours at most I get some feedback, when and how is issue going to be fixed. This is reasonable, because I pay for the product and product’s support.

I know in open-source this does not work like that, most of users are volunteers and working at there free time and it may look rude and disrespecting to request anything at all. How to create some developer attention to consider fixing this issue in the most nice and polite way, or am I just surrendered to mercy (and maybe destined to search for another product - I would like to avoid this)?

Description of issue: Deleting file to Trash it does not move file to Trash

I have downloaded Dolphin from its master repository \ to make sure this problem is still relevant. I have installed Dolphin on Windows 11 computer, started the program and step by step to the problem:

  1. Right click on file and select “Move to Trash”.
  2. Confirmation message is displayed. Click on “Move to Trash” button.
  3. It looks like file is deleted: “Folder is empty” message, so there is no file in current directory anymore.
  4. Press F5 key to refresh window and file is “magically” back. File was actually never moved to trash and this is an issue.

I have to use some other file manager e.g. Microsoft Files to move file to trash (I don’t want to permanently delete file, I just want to move it to trash in case I realize I deleted it prematurely).

I have checked the bug tracker and I see this issue has been reported several times:

I see no point of opening another duplicate bug report. I think all except one should already be marked as duplicate. Now my question is, how to ask nicely developers to consider fixing this issue?

You might be interested in Sponsored Work - KDE Discuss category. This is an on-going topic.
The thing is most KDE devs also have day-job, and would need some guarantee before going sponsored open-source as opposed to their current situation and with similar benefits. This would work great for students or unemployed people.

I have installed Dolphin on Windows 11 computer

Windows support is not currently a focus for me or other regular Dolphin contributors. Your issue is most likely specific to this platform.

In support of meven’s reply, everything works as advertised in all Linux distributions, including the right-click-filename context-menu pop-up (in any view) left-click Move To Trash.