How to delete filesystem tags via Properties window?

I use BTRFS, which support’s at least two of FreeDesktop’s Extended Attributes – tags and comments.

I told my brother in passing that I didn’t know how to delete filesystem tags, and when gone for a moment, the little {annoying word} added a load of slightly misspelled versions of existing tags to annoy me.

I also just have old tags that I want to delete, like the top one depicted in the undermentioned screenshot.


  1. Via tags:/

    1. If I try to edit a tag’s name, the name is merely reverted upon refresh.

    2. I see the option to create regular files, but


      Malformed URL tags:/thisisreallyweird.txt.

      appears upon creation.

    3. Additionally, per

      1. An unused tags remains, so removing its associations doesn’t work.
      2. Those {filename} ({number}) entries that you see don’t exist. Only the unnumbered version does. I have no idea what those are - they really don’t exist. Par exemple, when the top tags was removed of its association via the existent unnumbered file, the numbered versions disappeared as its children.
      3. The bottom two previously depicted this didn’t work for, since although their tag section is now empty, they remain via tags:/

How do I delete them?