How to disable plasma kwallpaper & kscreenlock

whenever I launch plasmashell to get the taskbar, kscreenlock is invoked to draw the wallpaper with libkwallpaper, which is part of libkscreen. Both kscreenlock and libkscreen are required dependencies of plasmadesktop/workspace

how do I disable kscreenlock, and the drawing of the wallpaper by plasma/kde?

This functionality is already provided by my VM host & causes conflicts. kscreenlock can’t actually lock the screen (permissions) and just causes issues. kwallpaper is drawing the wallpaper over the top of other apps and must be manually killed every time plasma is launched.

I have no need for kwin, and kde plasma and kapps are having no problem using my existing wayland compositor.

I just want the plasma panel and installed Kapps to run and function. I don’t want kde to try to take over control of my whole computer.

There used to be a checkbox for this, but it’s been moved around a few times and now has been removed! I know I haven’t used Linux in a long time, but this is functionality I used in the past, and need to use again to be able to use Kapps.