How to export a scene (with 2 audio tracks) from a project?

I am new to Kdenlive (and to KDE as a whole) and still not used to the terminology, so I haven’t been very effective un my searches.

My first project is a simple one consisting of two audio tracks running in parallel and one video track consisting of a series of images separated by empty (black) spaces as in

I want to obtain a set of videos, one for each image with respective audios.

I have not found any helpful information so far so I am asking here so maybe someone can point to some source.

The only way I have thought so far would:
1 - Create a working copy of the whole project, just in case.
2 - then for each part:
a - delete all other parts except the video and 2 audios for the selected scene
b - render
c - close project (without saving)
d - reopen the working copy
e - go back to 2 for the next scene

I believe that should work, but it seems to me that Kdenlive is both more elegant and more efficient than that. Can anyone drop me a hint?

Thanks for maintaining KDE and this.

Create a timeline zone for the part you want to render, and the select “Selected Zone Only” in the render dialog window. Start the render, rinse and repeat.

Other option is to create guides for each segment and then use the Render Guides option in the render dialog window

Thank you indeed, I will play with both after reading a bit on them. My method worked for 2 clips then rendering went crazy.