How to follow this forum in AKREGATOR?

I would like the follow the forum using AKREGATOR. Different URLs like don’t work in Akregator.
I’d appreciate, solutions for

  • a rss-message for each posting
  • one rss-message for each thread.

Thank you!


Try adding Discuss - Latest topics. This provides the list of each thread. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible to get the list of posting.

You can also get the RSS of each category by adding .rss to the URL of the category.


Perfect, thanks a lot!

If you find that Discourse itself is lacking RSS features, you should probably report it to the official Discourse bug tracker, since this use case isn’t particularly common anymore, and thus lack of support might go unnoticed during development. You might be one of only a handful who know how it could improve.

I think you can add .rss to any url and get a feed. you can then import it in akregator.

There’s a Firefox extension I recommend called Want My RSS that simply adds an icon in the search bar that exposes a feed link if it exists. No need to guess the feed link.

The extension exposed two links in the home page for me:


I see that there’s also a feed per category, very neat!

hm does akregator read rss xml okay too? It doesnt seem to want to add my local feed written this way: (though its a matter of trying other templates too :))
W3Schools Home Page newsbeuter picks this up though

No, here it does not. And Want My RSS does not show any result for this page …

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Yeah, it doesn’t appear to work here for me either.

Probably because of

If you mean the RSS for this discourse instance: yes, akregator can read them:

My RSS detector provides me these 3 URLs:

And I can add them to akregator:

The desktop version is the one linked in the yellow box:

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Haha, thanks. Apologies.

No problem @rokejulianlockhart :slight_smile: