How to get back the menu bar (top menu) in Kdenlive?

I removed the top line in kdenlive(
What should I do to get it back?

what do you mean by top line? the title bar or the menu bar (File, Edit, View, Project)

Yep, this top line (maybe panel)

this one?

(also can we get rid of this 20 character rule)

Yes, this. How i can get it back?)

Just press


This should work in most other KDE apps as well.

Thanks bro! :fire: :heart:

(this for 20 character rule)

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Ctrl+M does nothing to my kdenlive. My menu is still missing.


Can someone please remove this 20 character limit?

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Are you on Plasma?

(twenty characters)

Yes, indeed. Sorry I didn’t mention it. I fixed the problem by uninstalling kdenlive and then deleting every directory and its contents that contained ‘kdenlive’ in it. Then I rebooted, reinstalled, and then ctrl-m worked again. Now I have a menu inside kdenlive again.