How to get Sequence tab back after closing it?

Hi, I am wanting to learn how to use sequences properly in kdenlive and I could not find the answer to this anywhere, sorry it seems like a very basic question.

I am kind of doing this backwards because the video is already created, but I want to move each piece of it into a sequence for each scene. I created a bunch of sequences, one for each “scene” in the video. So I have about 18 scenes each with its own tab. If I close a tab because I am not working on it at the moment, I see it still exists in the Project Bin, but I am not sure how to get the tab back. So that is my question, how do I get the tab for that sequence back after closing it? I tried clicking the + at the end of the tabs but that just prompts to create a new sequence, not an existing one.

I made a video showing what I mean (at the end I do a Ctrl-Z to undo to get the sequence tab back).

Just double-click on the thumbnail of the sequence in the project bin

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Wonderful, thank you so much!