How to graphically automount extra internal devices/drives and also to not mount same twice?

Hello there!

Testing Plasma 6 in previous version I never figured out how to auto mount extra internal drives/devices/partitions from Dolphin. I have my Steam library there and I usually installed Gnome Disks to do that since I use Gnome as daily driver.

Also, it mounts twice, I imagine is not handling BTRFS correctly (???)


i use disks and devices from the system tray

you can configure the applet to automount on login whichever devices you want or don’t want without having to mess with fstab.

you can also get to it by clicking on the desttop and typing “removable devices” and then going to the setting page from the search results.

Thanks! I finally understood that those arrows are for expanding disks inside :roll_eyes:

But it wont auto-mount, because it’s an encrypted drive and it doesn’t ask for the passphrase :disappointed:. I imagine it requires kwallet for that…

maybe the on attach column plays a role here if kwallet “attaches” a disk automatically for you at login.

just speculating, i’ve not played with that (yet).

That did not work either.

when you say it mounts twice, do you mean it’s mounted in two locations or it’s listed twice in Dolphin? Either way, it’s determined by your fstab.

You can set up automounts easily (encrypted drives too) using Gnome Disks (gnome-disk-utility). KDE doesn’t have an alternative but perhaps Cockpit or Webmin have similar capabilities?