How to lock plasma

Hi all, is there a way to lock the plasma layout once it’s set up? My specific use case, I have set up my mother’s computer with a very simple floating panel with just a few icons to the applications she uses, links to a video chat program, links to her bank and games. My issue is the she has random click syndrome and her desktop “changes without her knowing how it happens” What I like to be able to do is once it’s set up I’d like to lock it so she can’t accidentally alter it. Is this currently possible with plasma. I know in the old days panels could be locked but I think that functionality has been deprecated.

Thank in advance for any assistance

No idea if it still exists or not but they use to have a kiosk mode that could be used. For what you want, set it up as desired for the kiosk and the user could not make changes to it. Which sounds exactly like what you want.

you just need to lock her out of edit mode… can’t really change much without entering edit mode first.

@skyfishgoo How do I lock her out of edit mode?

ok so I’ve found that
qdbus org.kde.plasmashell /PlasmaShell evaluateScript 'lockCorona(!locked)'
prevents you from entering edit mode so you can’t add or remove widgets.

adding [$i] to the appropriate sections in the plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc file also seems to lock it. It doesn’t prevent someone from editing it, but the edits don’t stick and reboot reverts to the desired widgets.

I’d prefer that they can’t be edited in the first place but this may be a workable workaround


that sounds pretty elegant… i was going down some long road of permissions and file ownership.

i like your way better.

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Do you mean this KDE Plasma User Base Tip?

yes that’s where I found the how to lock the widgets, the [$i] tip I got from looking at the kiosk site (sorry the url escapes me at the moment)