How to open an existing Plasma-Vault on another machine?

I created a vault with Plasma-Vault this week, so far, so good, data is encrypted, when i unlock it, plaintext data is mounted into the specified mountpoint.

Then, i backed-up this vault e.g. the folder ~/.local/share/.vault/VAULT-NAME.enc/ with all its encrypted content on the cloud.

On another machine, i would like to download this folder from the could and then open this vault.
I have the feeling i cannot open it on another computer. Indeed, i only have the possibility to create a new vault, and not to open an ‘existing’ vault.

Does anybody has a solution ?

Thank you

What I do:

  1. For example, if you used cryfs to encrypt your files, simply run
    cryfs enrypted_dir mount_dir,

  2. then create a new vault using Plasma vault widget,

  3. and copy your files from mount_dir to your new vault.

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