How to override Plasma defaults (when creating a new Activity)

I never use the default Folder view for the desktop … and I use many activities, so it is tedious to change it every time. (I’m not here to argue to change the defaults, but will say I dislike it.)

So, I wonder how I can make it so whenever I create a new Activity, I get:

  • the desktop set to Desktop view (instead of Folder view)

Bonus points for:

  • putting a Folder view Plasmoid in the top-left corner
  • setting that Plasmoid’s to show all files associated with the current Activity

I will likely never change an Activity to be in Folder view mode. But while having a Folder view plasmoid is something very common to my workflow, I would say I use it an just over ½ of them.

This has some similarity, but a different goal than:

I have been trying to figure this out for some time now.

Last year, this is how far I got:

At this stage, I’m willing to pay some money out of my own pockets towards a bounty to get this done.