How to restore a single window in KDE after turning on peek at desktop?

I have enabled screen edges to “peek at desktop”, which minimizes all the running apps.

Afterward, if I open an app, it un-minimizes and shows all the other apps too.

In Windows or in Cinnamon, the default behavior is, only the app which is opened is shown, all other apps remain minimized. How to enable this behavior in KDE Plasma?

The “peek at desktop” button (by default at the bottom right of the default panel) actually has two behaviors: “Peek at desktop” - which does what you already know - and “Minimize all windows” which does the Windows/Cinnamon behavior, i.e. minimizes all windows and then you have to unminimize then one by one (or just press on the button again to “undo the effect”. You can also choose the default behavior by right clicking the button, clicking Show Alternatives and selecting the behavior that you want.

Its a shame that you cannot choose the “Minimize all windows” behavior for a screen edge effect. Maybe you want to open a ticket in to request that the other behavior be added as well.

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Here is the bug report 488601 – “Minimize all windows” is not available in screen edges

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