How to send messages to desktop icons?

Hello ALL,

I’m new here, hope you can lend me a hand. I’ve recently installed Debian 12 stable with KDE. Everything went fine except a couple of issues. One of them I think it’s a bug, so I’ve reported it:

TL;DR: after starting KDE the custom icons for my desktop folders won’t show.

I can reinstate the custom icons if I right-click on the folders, dismiss the context menu, then left-click elsewhere on the desktop. If I don’t do this dance, the folders keep the default blue folder icons.

While it gets resolved, I would like to find a workaround.

My idea is to write a script to send messages (clicks, keystrokes, commands) to the folder icons and put it in the autostart list so, a few seconds after login, the script would do more or less what I don manually.

Any suggestion?



This is the sort of thing that needs to be troubleshot and fixed with a code change. I’d discourage you from looking for a workaround, as it may make things worse, break in the future, etc. Thanks for the bug report about it; we’ll look into the issue hopefully soon.