How to set a report which filters one 1 category having sub-categories


I am using the standard report “transactions by payee” several times which i then filter on time range and a few categories.
My categories are in this case:

  • Level 1 Expenses
    • Level 2 Logement
      • Level 3 Rénovations ou travaux:
        • Level 4 Carreleur
        • Level 4 Couvreur zingeur
        • Level 4 Electricien
        • Level 4

:information_source: All the transactions are always booked against the respective lowest level category.

My wish would be

  1. to select in the report parameters only the category level 3
  2. without ticking the level 4 categories

see this example:

The reason behind my wish is
:white_check_mark: if i create new level 4 categories for this level 3 category, i don’t need to think “which reports are filtering on these level 4 categories by the way? I must update them straight away:person_facepalming:

the danger :warning: would be to forget updating all reports because of newly created categories, making those reports show wrong figures.

Thank you in advance for your help.

-Software version-: KMyMoney 5.1.3 on ElementaryOS

As far as I can tell, what you want is not currently possible. This is because in report configurations, a filter containing categories keeps a list of those included (or excluded) with no way to indicate that you want to include subcategoreis.

I’ve filed a wishlist bug (477804 – allow report configuration filters to request in/exclusion of sub-accounts of an account) so this doesn’t get forgotten.)

Many thanks @ostroffjh for having created a wishlist bug for this :clap:!