How to streamline effects process?

Hi all,
I’m fairly new to Kdenlive. I’ve tried to find information about how to do this easily.
What I’d like to do:
Paste a set of effects with settings and keyframes to two tracks in one go.
I’m editing audio tracks. I have two mics providing left and right channels where one is for a speaker and the other for audience questions.
So, I’ve duplicated this audio track and set up effects to that one track gets the left and the other the right channel in mono. These are mixed together. That’s fixed for the project.
Then I’d like to fade out the speaker when there is a question in the audience, fade in the audience track and then do the reverse when the speaker talks again.
This takes 4 keyframes in each track using the volume effect. It is always in the same pattern and for each track I set the fade in/out levels.
I would be nice if one could ‘plop’ a preset pattern of keyframes and levels onto the two tracks and then only have to adjust the timing.
Appreciate any ideas. Thanks!

Unfortunately, you have to apply the effect to one track, make your changes and then copy it to the other track. You can drag the effect from the effect stack to the other track, though. (I am assuming, though, you mean to apply an effect to clips in different tracks. The same principle applies to applying effects to entire tracks but without keyframes)

You can save the effect stack as a custom effect and apply that to clips/tracks/master like any other including the keyframes (not for track and master, of course). If the clip is shorter than the clip when the effect (stack) was saved) keyframes beyond the end of the new clip are simply discarded.

@mozzie I think what would help is this request: [feature request] add an hotkey to create 2 keyframes at once. (#1368) · Issues · Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab

Thanks for the suggestions. The hotkey idea would definitely help.
Applying effects to the clips is something done once. Applying keyframes and levels is done a lot of times at different times into each clip.