How to use different Whisper's version inside of KDEnlive

Hi there, how are you? I wait you are fine. :blush:

Can you help me, please? Is it possible to use Faster Whisper instead Whisper Open AI inside of KDEnlive for generate subtitles and for “Speech Editor” feature.

I want to use Faster Whisper because it is really faster than Whisper Open AI.

If it isn’t possible, can you tell me what can I do to use the files generate by Faster Whisper for “Speech Editor”.

Thank you so much to try help me in advance.

Hi, multiverse.

So sorry to my lapse and thank you so much to help me. I saw yours answers as soon as you send it (you so fast), but I came across difficulty by using both the softwares Whisper CTranslate2 and Whisper Standalone Win (it works in GNU/Linux too) (I can’t send more than 2 links by post…) to generate the files through the Faster Whisper.

Anyway, the Buzz solve my problem.

I could to be wrong, but there isn’t any sub-menu called “Add Project File” in “Project”, at least I didn’t find.

Here, it’s all the files that Whisper can generate. Actually, I download a random short video from YouTube and process the Whisper Standalone Win on it.

You can downloaded it to try, if you want, how import the transcribe to “Speech Editor”. I think it must to need the Json file instead than others.

Download in We Transfer:
(The link expires in 7 days.)

Kdenlive doesn’t use SpeechKit, please don’t comment if you don’t know what you(?) are talking about.


If someone want to try help me yet, I will keep the archive file with the stuff generate by Faster Whisper available in Drive Google to download.

It is a “shortcut” instead of yourself generate the Faster Whisper’s files, if you have some idea that it can be reused in KDEnlive.

Thank you in advance.

I have seen several posts like this in the past couple of weeks. Is this no longer a volunteer forum? It is looking this way and I don’t want to step on the Devs’ toes if we need to let them answer all the questions.

I’m not sure what you mean sorry

I am just saying that in the past couple of weeks, I have seen comments by the devs that if we don’t have the correct answer, then we should not comment at all. It makes it difficult to troubleshoot any issue, and most people looking for help require a good bit of questioning to get to the gist of their problem. We don’t often know for sure what the problem might be, but if suggesting to try something turns out to be the wrong answer, then we raise the ire of the devs?

What makes a forum like this great is the many different angles ppl bring to bear when trying to solve a problem. Of course, not all suggestions bring a or the solution, but overall there are many ways to skin the cat (don’t shoot me, PeTA, I love cats!).
And it is a thin line between making suggestions that may fail or not bring a solution, and sending ppl into a completely wrong direction (by mistake or deliberately). I think that in the latter case the community has to pull them out of the rabbit hole before it is too late. Think “waste of time and resources”, right?

As always, it is the way and tone with which this happens. One should not overreact in both directions. Had a bad hair day? Perhaps better reply the next day. By and large, I find this community here very civil and well behaved. Thanks for that. And I am writing this as a mere user.

BTW, users with KDE Developer next to their user name are not necessarily Kdenlive developers. I only know about @Eugen_Mohr and @frdbr from the Kdenlive team being here more or less regularly.

Well, maybe I should have started a whole new thread to discuss this. I only posted my question here in response to what I saw. I just know what I have seen in the past few weeks and am getting to the point of not wanting to answer any questions for fear of giving a wrong answer.

Hey @WilsonEPhillips

I think there is a misunderstanding. Please see Please don't use generative AI in Discuss - #10 by jinliu

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That’s a great thread! Thanks for the link.

That was the other thread I was talking about, but the latest reply came after this. I try to read every thread on this forum and that is why I saw this one.