How will the upgrade to Plasma 6 work?

I have been following the development and release of Plasma 6 with interest, and have gathered a fair amount of info about it, but the one thing I have seem to have missed is how it will be deployed for us Neon users.

Is it going to come out like a regular update for us, or will we need to wait a bit while a new Neon base is built and do a “full upgrade”?

It will be a normal update, as the OS base is not changing.


Thanks claydoh. I am looking forward (with a bit of apprehension given the total failure in my ability to install Testing on this machine) to the update. Given its been 10 years since the release of Plasma 5, this is a huge milestone for KDE.

The biggest problem will be how far non-official widgets and add-ons (runners, services) are progressing to adopt Qt6, for Arch based distributions it seems it was decided to drop incomplete ones from repos.

I learned my lesson long ago and do not use anything that is not official. Outside of apps, my Neon installation is entirely default. I am curious though, as I thought some of those things marked “incomplete” were default… like the thermal monitor. I do not think Neon ships with any third party applets, but I may be wrong.

From KDE Store, it seems a small number of applets/addons/themes are ready for Plasma6, and as we know how KDE users love to customize their desktops, a storm is coming :smile:.

But it’s something normal with any big upgrade, what is needed is a some sort of guide from KDE describing how to succeed this mega upgrade, for example what widgets/add-ons/themes to remove before proceeding, and what apps are working and what is not supported.

This will come after the update. :wink: I admin the Kubuntu group on FB and will be posting as much info as I can find about what works and what doesn’t in the days after official launch. I suspect it will be rather busy with a lot of frustrated and angry comments, but hopefully balanced with as many happy success stories. We shall see.

So far those who have been using the beta or RCs have not reported any issues to the group other than success, though the sample size is admittedly small.

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