I can't open my last saved project

When I try to open a last project file, the clips load and Kdenlive closes immediately.
I only have clips sorted. I didn’t use any effect etc.
How can I open my project?

Thanks in advance

As a result of my observations, I think the program closes when I run dual monitors. Project opened while on single monitor.
Could this be a bug?
Or is there a solution you would suggest?

Thanks in advance

Did you use the new version of Kdenlive that is so full of bugs? And do you want to go back to the older version 22.12.3?
If so, try opening this file: …_backup0.kdenlive

Thank you for your answer. Yes I am using the latest version. As long as I continue to use it on a single monitor, it’s fine.
I will continue to use it this way for now.

I can use the latest version (both installed and as appimage) in a dual monitor setup without problems.

I am on Pop!_OS 22.04 which is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. I have the growing suspicion that Ubuntu 23.04 introduced certain changes that Kdenlive 23.04 cannot cope with …