I miss the categorized app menu. How to get it back?

I just installed Kali with Plasma 5.27.5. I like having menu sub-categories as I don’t always remember the name of the application I am looking for. In Application Launcher Settings, the “All Applications,” menus can be set to either display a very long alphabetical list or large icons in a scrolling grid. But the KDE Menu Editor still shows everything organized in familiar category sub-menus. How do I get the “All Applications” app menu to show sub-menus like the editor?

Hi @nturns !

I guess right-clicking on the menu button and selecting “Show alternatives” will let you switch to the launcher you want, provided that Kali ships it :slight_smile:

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Thanks. My constructive critique is this label is meaningless. This setting I was looking for belongs inside the Configure Application Menu, which by the way doesn’t actually configure applications. It should then be named “Configure Menu Settings,” or better “Configure Menu Behavior.” The other one “Edit Applications” is OK, or better, “Edit Menu Structure.” It reminds me of my sometimes rant about software menus I encountered which had menu categories for “Settings,” “Configuration.” “Initialization,” “System,” “Profile,” etc. After having been out of touch with the software for a few weeks, all these labels became meaningless.

Like Richarson said, click the alternative and select it if it’s available. If not, it’s available in the store if I recall correctly. Not sure what you mean by “it doesn’t configure applications”. Of course it does. Anywho, you can always make a custom menu layout yourself if you like. It’s under “configure menu” ( yeah, what’s in a name). Aaaand…regardless what menu you use and whatever label you want to give it

. For example the Cupnoodle’s grid menu.

richarson solved this puzzle for me. I see that the Configure Application Menu widget changes according to which menu widget is chosen. My issue is, as a typical desktop “user,” often rushed for time, enduring a high cognitive load, for whom natural curiosity to explore is replaced by tension and impatience, a label of “Show Alternatives” is meaningless. Show alternative to what? I passed over it and never clicked it. The one change I would make to KDE is label the button that opens this “Menu Alternatives.”